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Circumnavigating The Globe

April - August - New York, NY » London, UK

Extending just over four months, this tour will take you around the world from New York to London. We'll ride through some of the most scenic terrain and national parks the upper United States and into Canada as we make our way to Prudhoe Bay, the northernmost point in North America. Ending the first leg of our journey in Anchorage, Alaska, we'll prepare our bikes for transport and resume our expedition in Seoul, Korea. From the grand palaces of Korea to the vast expanses of Siberia, eastern Asia will be diversely rich in culture and terrain. As we make our way through Asia Minor and eastern Europe, you will experience some of the oldest civilizations and cultures in the world. Steeped in cultural tradition and rich heritage, see Europe in a way few tourists will ever experience it. Arriving in London, you will receive a certificate for completing a feat rarely accomplished that of circumnavigating the globe! Come prepared to be amazed at the sights, sounds, tastes, cultures, and landscapes this great world has to offer. It takes rugged determination and stamina to complete the trip, but youll never regret having made the investment.

Trip Highlights

  • [Leg One] -
  • New York - Line up for a group picture and the start of our journey!
  • Niagara Falls - Rest next to the “Honeymoon Capital of the World” and see first hand why these spectacular views draw people from all over the world.
  • Lake Huron and Lake Superior - Marvel at the astounding clarity and beauty of the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior. Ride around the lakes’ picturesque coastline.
  • Black Hills and Mount Rushmore - Gaze at one of America's most inspiring symbols of democracy. See bison herds up close. Partake of more than 6,000 square miles of picturesque, pine-clad mountains!
  • Yellowstone National Park - Ease your way through Yellowstone and survey a collection of the world's most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, including Old Faithful.
  • Beartooth Hwy - Travel from a lush forest ecosystem to alpine tundra in the space of just a few miles. The Beartooth Highway is one of the most spectacular National Forest routes on this continent.
  • Glacier National Park - Come and experience Glacier's pristine forests, alpine meadows, craggy mountains, and spectacular lakes.
  • The Canadian Rockies - Undertake the rugged yet exquisite Canadian Rockies.
  • The Icefields Parkway - Experience mountain-driving on a grand scale. This road takes you through Banff and Jasper National Parks, across the Continental Divide, and right past three massive glaciers.
  • Riding Alaska Hwy - Relish the spectacular scenery and unique viewpoints as you travel along the Alaska Highway.
  • Watson Lake, Dawson City - Take a day-trip from Watson Lake to the Liard Hot Springs, featuring two natural hot spring pools open year-round.
  • Riding Dalton Hwy - Explore the rugged terrain of Haul Road on your way to Prudhoe Bay.
  • Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse) - Reach the land’s end and, if you dare, take a dip in the Arctic Ocean and become a member of the Polar Bear Club. But keep in mind that you still have a long way to go!
  • Denali National Park and Anchorage - Admire Denali’s dynamic glaciated landscape and diversity of wildlife. Then pack up your bike in Anchorage and get ready for the next leg of your adventure in Seoul, Korea.
  • [Leg Two] -
  • Seoul, Korea - Visit one of the Five Grand Palaces of the long-lasting Joseon Dynasty.
  • Russian Far East - Explore the Pacific Ring port city of Vladivostok, and stop in Khabarovsk, the former military outpost guarding the Chinese border.
  • Siberia - Roar through the vast expanses of Siberia , paralleling the tracks of the Trans-Siberian Railway and tour Irtuksk, the city where the Decembrists were exiled.
  • Lake Baikal - Spend a day in Listvyanka Village on the shore of UNESCO-listed Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest lake in the world.
  • Mongolia - Get a sense of the enormous windswept grasslands of Mongolia, exploring the modern capital, UlaanBaatar, and the ruins of Genghis Khan's ancient capital, Karakorum.
  • Kazakhstan - Traverse the eastern corner of arid Kazakhstan, rolling through the desert to the green and leafy capital, Almaty.
  • Kyrgyzstan - Relax on the banks of Kyrgyzstan's high-altitude Lake Issy-kul, visit the busy capital, Bishkek, and ride through the craggy Kyrgyz mountains into the lush Fergana Valley.
  • Tashkent, Uzbekistan - Explore Uzbekistan ’s capital city, Tashkent , where the new has nearly replaced the old, and then head out along the old Silk Road.
  • Samarkand, Uzbekistan - Admire the incredible medieval Persian architecture in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old Samarkand, Tamerlane's blue-tiled capital.
  • Bukhara, Uzbekistan - Stretch your legs on the cobbled streets of UNESCO-listed Bukhara, an oasis in the desert for weary camel caravans trudging the Silk Road.
  • Turkmenistan - Tour around Ashkabad, the capital of Turkmenistan, with its gleaming golden monuments.
  • Caucasus Mountains, Azerbaijan - Ferry across the Caspian Sea to black gold boomtown, Baku, Azerbaijan's capital city, and head out through the gorgeous Caucasus Mountains.
  • Georgia - Ride along Georgia’s strip of central lowlands, long an important link between East and West, to Tbilisi, set at the mouth of this passageway.
  • Turkey - Skirt the coast of the sunny Black Sea and visit Trabzon, the largest Black Sea port in eastern Turkey, which began as a Greek trading colony in the 7th century BC.
  • Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria - One of the most picturesque Bulgarian towns, standing in tiers above Yantra River which meanders through the elevations of Turnovo and the three hills - Tsarevets, Trapezitsa and Sveta Gora.
  • Bucharest, Romania - Known for its wide, tree-lined boulevards, glorious Belle E'poque buildings and a reputation for the high life (which in the 1900s earned its nickname of "Little Paris").
  • Budapest, Hungary - "Queen of the Danube," is steeped in history, culture and natural beauty. Get your camera ready for the Roman ruins of the Aquincum Museum, Heroes' Square and Statue Park, resting place for the statues of fallen Communist leaders.
  • Vienna, Austria - Is a cultural haven, with a district full of art museums, a dance center and a children's museum and theater. Music lovers can attend Vienna State Opera concerts and view the homes of composers like Mozart and Haydn.
  • Czech Republic - Roll in to Prague, called the “Hundred-Spired City.” Prague’s beautifully-preserved Gothic, baroque and neo-classical churches and palaces make it one of the great cities of Europe.
  • Germany - Glide through the green hills and river valleys of Bavaria, stopping in Nuremburg on the Pegnitz River.
  • London - You have arrived! After four and a half months of adventure, you will be able to say with unwavering pride and confidence, “I made it!” We’ll even send you off with a picture and a certificate to prove it.