Professional Worldwide Motorcycle Expeditions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1: What is an adventure expedition?

    For us and for our tour participants, an adventure expedition is many things:

    • waking up in remote locations, experiencing what few have been privileged to see
    • indulging in exotic foods you’ve never tasted before
    • starting your motorcycle, knowing that you have no idea what the day will bring, but loving every moment of it
    • experiencing exhilaration each day, as you are closer and closer to the finish line
    • switching into survival mode and overcoming obstacles, with your head so clear at the end of the day that everyday worries are a million miles away
    • feeling an amazing sense of accomplishment at what you have achieved
    • knowing that you can attain any goal that you set your mind to
    • being able to say with passion, “I made it!”
    • We’ll even give you a certificate to prove it!
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  • 2: Can anybody join an adventure expedition?

    Before you can join an expedition, both you and your bike must be qualified. We  provide BMW motorcycles and training. All of our bikes are fully outfitted for extended expeditions. If you’re the type of person who wants to wake up in a new location each day and face each new challenge as it comes, then come join our expedition

    May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds. May your rivers flow without end... -Edward Abbey

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  • 3: How do I qualify?

    Tour participants must be experienced riders who have made several long distance trips. We also require off-road riding experience.

    Although experience is necessary, the participant’s attitude is also important. In fact, we often find that the rider’s attitude is as crucial as experience. For example, you must be prepared for the unexpected, as well as flexible when unforeseen difficulties occur. Keeping an open mind and a sense of humor can be the key to a successful expedition.

    Each tour participant will need to provide the following documents:

    • signed Certificate of Good Health from your doctor
    • signed Liability Waiver Form
    • valid passport with at least ten blank pages for stamps and visas
    • valid international driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement
    • original motorcycle title in the owner’s name with no lien holders
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  • 4: Is training available?

    We will pay each tour participant’s tuition to attend a full-day’s training course at the RawHyde BMW Academy in Castaic, California *. BMW Motorrad has selected RawHyde BMW Academy to serve as one of nine factory-authorized off-road training centers worldwide.

    RawHyde Adventures has something fun and exhilarating for any Adventure Rider, whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, our programs truly provide the definition of adventure.

    * Free tuition only available for tours 30 days or longer.

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  • 5: What kind of motorcycle do I need?

    You need a adventure touring motorcycles with at least a 650 cc engine that is able to cover at least 180 miles/289 kilometers before refueling. Your bike must be outfitted with spoke wheels, lockable penniers and a GPS with Garmin software.

    Some examples of qualified bikes are:  BMW 650/800/1200 GS/GSA,  Honda Africa Twin/Transalp, KTM 640/950/990 Adventure,  Yamaha Tenere,  Moto Guzzi Stelvio,  Kawasaki KLR.

    We provide BMW and Kawasaki  motorcycles fully outfitted for extended expeditions.

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  • 6: Do you provide motorcycles?

    Yes. We provide adventure-equipped BMW and Kawasaki motorcycles, but we encourage tour participants to have the opportunity to ride their own bike that is equipped and set up for their personal preference.

    If you want to rent  BMW or Kawasaki  motorcycle please  click here.

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  • 7: Do I need a GPS?

    In order to avoid any confusion, we request that every tour participant use the same software so that our tour routes and waypoints are universal and compatible. Since our tours at MAP are international, we will travel through areas where the signs are in an unfamiliar language for most of our participants. Some areas may have no signs at all.

    Everyone must have a GPS that operates with Gamin software. We recommend purchasing the Gamin Map Source World Map. We request that you use this software because Gamin is recognized worldwide and provides the most detailed maps available. If you need assistance learning how to use your GPS system, we will provide lessons prior to sending you on your way.

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  • 8: What motorcycle equipment & riding apparel do I need?

    Each motorcycle must be equipped with a Gamin GPS, spoke wheels, and lockable panniers for gear. Every rider must have a full-face helmet or motocross helmet with goggles, a one-piece or two-piece jacket with protective gear, and full coverage boots with ankle and toe protection. Every rider must be willing to wear a protective gear at all times when riding.

    When you book your tour, we will send you a detailed list of equipment.

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  • 9: Do I need camping gear?

    Most of our accommodations will be in hotels or motels. When we stay in hotels, there will be two persons per room. If you prefer single occupancy, a surcharge will be added at the time of booking.

    When we camp, we will provide a two-person tent for each tour participant. You will need to provide your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, and personal hygiene supplies. Bring light blankets in case you get too warm in your sleeping bag. We also suggest a silk lining for added comfort.

    When you book your tour, we will send you a detailed list of equipment.

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  • 10: What if my motorcycle breaks down?

    Every tour bike should be in top mechanical condition and should be qualified by MAP staff. In the unlikely event of a motorcycle breakdown, we shall endeavor to repair it quickly. Our staff includes experienced motorcycle mechanics that can help you with repairs.

    If our crew cannot repair your bike, we will help transport your bike to the nearest repair shop. If repairs cannot be made at the local shop, we will help make arrangements to ship the bike to a preferred destination at your expense. 

    MAP will be responsible for the transportation and repair of all bikes rented through MAP.

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  • 11: Are there any support vehicles?

    We will supply a support vehicle that is suitable for the road conditions for every leg of the trip. The purpose of the support vehicle is to provide added comfort and service for the group. Each support vehicle will have the capacity to transport one bike, spare parts, equipment, and seating for up to four passengers. On our African Tour we will have the full sizse 4x4.

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  • 12: What road/weather conditions are we likely to see?

    We will encounter just about every road surface imaginable, from paved roads like the Autobahn, to gravel, to desert. As we all know, Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so we suggest that you dress in layers to accommodate fluctuations in the climate as we travel.

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  • 13: What kind of food will we be eating?

    On the days that we ride, we will provide breakfast. On some of the non-riding days, we will provide lunches and celebratory dinners. We will also suggest restaurants that offer a variety of quality meals and that use fresh, local ingredients. Our recommendations will allow you to enjoy the local cuisine with confidence while sampling the best food that each country we visit has to offer.

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  • 14: Do we ride every day?

    No. All our tours have a rest days. On some days, we will take time to enjoy major attractions that are a scheduled part of the expedition. On other days, you may explore local sites on your own, or just rest and do what you please.

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  • 15: How many miles/kilometers will we ride each day?

    On some of the shortest days, we may ride only 100 miles/160 kilometers. On the longest days, we may ride as many as 400 miles/640 kilometers.On very rare occasions a riding day may exceed 500 miles; however, any rides of this distance will be on paved, well-maintained, interstate-quality roads.

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  • 16: Will you carry my luggage?

    We will carry your luggage, but we do ask that you pack reasonably. You will have access to laundry facilities along the way. We suggest that you include a pair of khakis and appropriate shoes for areas where jeans and tennis shoes are not encouraged, for example, at an up-scale restaurant or at the theater.

    Just try not to pack the kitchen sink!

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  • 17: Can a non-riding passenger join a tour?

    Absolutely! The support vehicle provides up to four seats for non-riding participants. They can also fly in at different locations on the tour and join you at any point along our route.

    Passenger fees apply at the time of reservation.

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  • 18: Are the tours suitable for two-up riding?

    We have designed our tours to take full advantage of the sights without making traveling so extreme that carrying a pillion would be impossible. However, you must be experienced with this type of riding. Keep in mind that in some areas, riding will be more difficult. Some seating may be available in the support vehicle.

    However, only the participants who registered as non-riding passengers will be guaranteed a seat.

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  • 19: How can I stay in touch with home?

    A satellite phone will be available on a pay-per-minute basis. A laptop will also be available for email access, and a variety of Internet cafes will be located along the way.

    All of our bikes will be equip with "SPOT" so everybody can share tracks, stories and photos of your adventure with friends, family and other "SPOT" users. We will also provide free texting!

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  • 20: Do I need insurance?

    Absolutely! To protect you and your bike, you will need to purchase the following types of insurance: motorcycle, travel, shipping, medical, and medical evacuation insurance.

    • Motorcycle Insurance - MAP has partnered with Motorcycle Express to help make insuring your motorcycle as smooth as possible. You will have the choice of full coverage (which covers fire, theft, vandalism, and collision protection for your motorcycle and riders) or liability coverage only. Please visit Motorcycle Express for more information and to fill out and print your motorcycle insurance application.
    • Travel Insurance - While we don’t require travel insurance, we strongly recommend it! Travel insurance often covers cancellation fees and lost deposits, permanent disability, and luggage/personal effects, just to name a few. It may also cover overseas medical/hospital expenses and emergency medical assistance.
    • Shipping Insurance - We strongly encourage you to purchase shipping insurance. You are free to purchase it on your own, or if you prefer, we can arrange a quote for you upon request. You will be required to show proof of shipping insurance or if you choose not to purchase this coverage, you will be required to sign a Waiver of Responsibility prior to loading your bike for shipping.
    • Medical Insurance - At MAP, we require you to purchase medical insurance and medical evacuation insurance. Your standard medical insurance policy may have provisions for medical evacuation insurance, but you will want to verify that prior to departing. You will also want to make sure that your policy provides international coverage. We ask that you provide us with a copy of your insurance. Typically, a copy of your medical insurance card (front and back) will suffice. Also, you are welcome to list an emergency contact on file, if you so choose.
    • Medical Evacuation Insurance - MAP has partnered with MedjetAssist to provide you with exceptional medical evacuation insurance. Please see the following link for detailed coverage information.
    • Please review your policies carefully and make sure you purchase comprehensive coverage!
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  • 21: What about Visas?

    We will send you all of the necessary forms; however, it is your responsibility to fill out and file the paperwork. We will also obtain all of the Letters of Invitation for you. You are responsible for all applicable fees.You're also responsible for obtaining a Carnet de Passages en Douane where a Carnet is required. Get more

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  • 22: What about medical vaccinations?

    As stated before, every tour participant will need to provide a signed Certificate of Good Health from his or her doctor. It is vital to discuss with your doctor what countries and regions you will be traveling through so that he/she can determine what vaccinations, if any, you should get. You can also get information at the World Health Organization. Please discuss any concerns you have with a qualified health care provider!

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  • 23: What is NOT included in the tour package?

    You are responsible for any maintenance costs to your bike. We will supply the labor for free if you need help, but you will need to supply the parts. As stated before, you are responsible for the cost of getting your bike to the starting point of the tour and home at the end of the expedition, but we will take care of transportation (ferries, flights) in between! (MAP will be responsible for all transportation and repairs of  motorcycles rented through MAP).

    Travel, motorcycle and medical insurance. Visa agency fees. Miscellaneouse local administrative and border fees. Border crossing. Cornet de Passage.

    Gasoline is not included. For some parts of the African tour where there are no gas stations available, we will transport gasoline for you. You will be responsible for paying your way through tollbooths, briges since not everyone will travel at the same pace.You will need to provide your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow, and personal hygiene supplies. As a general rule, you will be on your own for lunches and evening meals, so that you can determine when and where you stop. Meals when camping are financed from the kitty collected on departure.

    You are responsible for any extra activities not on the itinerary such as theaters, dining in restaurants, etc. as well as any alcoholic beverages and tips. If you received good, friendly service we encourage you to show your gratitude with an appropriate tip.

    Note: Contact us if you have any questions about non-inclusive costs. We can help you organize flights and shipping if required.

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  • 24: What IS included in the tour package?

    All breakfasts, and some complimentary dinners are included. Some lunches where there are no opportunities for independent lunch. In general, we do not provide lunches and evening meals, so that you can ride at your own leisure. Meals when camping are financed from the kitty collected on departure.

    We also provide all of the necessary applications for Visas. All shipping costs during the tour are included; however, you are responsible for getting your bike to the starting point and home at the end of the tour (MAP will be responsible for the transportation and repair of all bikes rented through MAP). We will pay for all hotels/motels, tickets for planned excursions, ferries, and flight costs during the expedition. Access to satellite communications (pay per minute) SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.  Administrative services including border liaison.

    With MAP, you never have to worry about support vehicles, technical and medical support, waypoints and maps, tents and accommodations,clean bottled water, or translations.

    We strive to provide you with everything you need to have an expedition you will never forget!

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  • 25: What is the cancellation policy?

    Moto Adventure Professionals requires a 10% non-refundable deposit of the total tour price at booking. The total package cost must be paid in full 90 days prior to departure. If due to an unforeseen event you should need to cancel your booking, you must do so in writing no less than 60 days prior to departure.

    Cancellations made in writing 60 days or more prior to departure will receive a full refund minus the deposit; if you cancel 59 days or less before departure, you will receive 50% of your payment back minus the deposit. Since all arrangements will have already been taken care of, any cancellations made 30 days or less before departure are 100% non-refundable.

    At 60 days or less we regretfully can no longer accept any new bookings. We will have all accommodations, Visas, shipping arrangements, etc. already thoroughly arranged at this point to provide you a carefree experience.

    If we cancel the trip for any reason, 100% of the deposit and package cost will be refunded!

    Please contact us if you have some questions that aren't answered on this list.

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